Hair Disclaimer

Straight, wavy, and curly extensions are the three types of extensions. Because each bundle comes from a different individual, it has its own unique characteristics. Despite their resemblance, no two bundles are identical in texture, color, or pattern. Because we do our best to pair the most similar bundles together, you may receive bundles that differ slightly to substantially in color tone and texture.


Hair that has been manufactured and stitched onto a weft is guaranteed to shed minimally. Sewing through the wefts will cause them to weaken, unravel, and shed heavily.

We recommend stitching around the wefts to preserve them in good shape and reusable. To help minimize shedding, we recommend applying a drop of weft sealer adhesive on each end of the cut wefts.


The length of your hair extensions should be measured from root to tip.
Begin measuring from the weft and work your way to the ends of the bundle. Hair extensions that are curly or wavy must be measured by stretching the hair straight. Start at the weft again, and draw the hair straight from the ends, so the length is at the tips of the hair. Because tension might impact the fall of each strand, each bundle will not measure perfectly while still wrapped in its band.