1. How long is shipping? Shipping and processing can take up to 5-8 business days
  2. What's the difference in Transparent and HD lace? HD lace: HD stands for “high definition”, and when applied to the scalp this lace is undetectable and appears very natural. Transparent lace: is a normal lace to create a hairline but has a transparent color.
  3. What is 180% or 150% density wigs? If you prefer lighter wigs, 150% density is a great choice(150% is two bundles)
    150% density is more suitable for short bob wigs. 180% density is the most popular hair density (3 bundles) because its thickness is not too thick or too thin that is just right for most people.
  4. How many bundles do I need for my install?
  • 10"-14": 2 bundles with lace 3 bundles without lace
  • 16"-20": 3 bundles for both lace and without it
  • 22"-24": 3 bundles with lace and 4 bundles without lace
  • 26"-30": 4 bundles with lace and 5 bundles without lace 
  • 32"-34": 5 bundles with lace and 5-6 without lace 
  1. What's the difference between Peruvian, Brazilian and Malaysian hair? 
    Brazilian hair has high luster and holds a curl well medium fullness.
    Malaysian hair is silky, very shiny, holds curls very well.
    Peruvian hair can be is silky has medium luster, and fuller than Malaysian.
  2. Why did my card get charged but my order did not go through or I didn't not receive a confirmation? Shophairfromnee LLC has a system to protect us from fraud called Address Verification System (AVS) - AVS compares the numeric part of the customer’s billing address and zip code or postal code to the information on file with the credit card issuer. This helps reduce a significant amount of fraud, because unauthorized users often don't have the correct billing address. This results in a pending charge that will get dropped in a few days. You can call your bank to POSSIBLY speed up the release of the funds. The best thing to do if you are not fraudulent and want to repurchase is to use a different card, call your bank to verify the address on file, and or try a different payment method like switch from PayPal to Shop Pay.